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Hello, I am Samantha

and welcome to Creative Solutions!

My true passions have always been Technology and Photography. Growing up, you never saw me without a camera in my hand. In college, I studied Marketing & Entrepreneurship. Web Design and Social Media were of great interest to me throughout.

After graduating, I spent six years in the finance world with roles in Banking and Management. I have seen many a client coming to the bank without a website or social media platform and I have always thought they are missing out on so many opportunities.

I decided that I wouldn’t wait any longer and I would dive straight into the world of Web design, Branding and Photography. This is where I believe I can really help people, I want all of my clients to leave with fully functioning modern websites for the world we live in now and for it to be an easy and straightforward process for them.

Creative Solutions offers a range of services, including Web Design, Photography and Branding, along with the sale of my picturesque photographs. This has been a dream of mine for a long time and I am so excited to share it with you! If you are interested in a free consultation to talk about your website ideas or a photoshoot you would like to set up, please book in to say hi!

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